Virtual AI girl group Eternity's 'visual member' Dain makes solo debut with 'No Filter'


Virtual AI girl group Eternity's Dain made her solo debut with "No Filter".

Eternity is a virtual AI K-pop girl group, created by Pulse9 and the human generation technology company DeepReal. Eternity previously made their group debut back in March, with "I'm Real".Dain is the first member of Eternity to release a solo track due to winning first place on a popularity poll titled 'Heart Attack', which was held on social media. In "No Filter", Dain sings in a sweet voice while showing off a powerful choreography. According to the worldview of Eternity, Dain was the first member, out of 11 members, to be sent to Earth after the group's home planet AIA encountered problems.

"No Filter" is a cute dance track that was produced by Enterarts' AI producer NUVO. Enterarts is a music contents platform that produces and manages music through AI technology. The track contains the message that "our true selves are also lovely and beautiful enough", in response to the fact that people tend to only love the images hidden behind a filter. 

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